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About Us

Trusted Renovation Service Provider Assuring Timely Delivery, Unmatched Craftmanship and Outstanding Results

CJ Ambience, a Singapore based renovation expert, is the one stop solution for all your home and commercial renovation needs. From initial designs to the end results, we assure complete satisfaction to our clients with finest quality services. We are dedicated to beautify your space with high designing standards and impeccable finishing. We aim to deliver our esteemed customers with fine value-added services that add to their service experience and satisfaction.


Renovation is an art that CJ Ambience is passionate about. We love our work and hence, are able to meet your varied space designing expectations too. We believe in building spaces that resemble the living standard, artistic taste and aesthetic sense of the owner. Whether it is your home or commercial property, we add to its overall value with unmatched renovation solutions.

If you are looking for the innovation in the remodeling and construction industry, trust the expertise of CJ Ambience. We deliver each project with utmost perfection and desired precision within the promised timeline. We are proud to lead the industry with exclusive and highest quality design, building and renovation solutions. Our strength lies in our extraordinary craftsmanship which is the backbone of our services.

We have a team of supremely talented, qualified and experienced professionals who put forth their best knowledge, efforts, and workmanship to deliver a project that matches pre-decided standards and customer’s expectations. From ideation to designing, construction and building, we make the process a smooth one so that you can just relax and see your space renovated with an ease.

CJ Ambience provides renovation solution for your specific home and commercial needs which include redesigning kitchen, living room, dining area, bedroom, roof and others. Also, we provide expert solutions to your painting, carpentry, electrical, AC, plumbing and flooring needs too. We work closely with our clients to meet their expectations and assure quality workmanship for timely and successful completion of projects. Prioritizing quality over quantity and keeping customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal drives us to deliver a number of projects with perfection and make us the leader of the trade.

What we believe


Relying on CJ Ambience for your renovation needs would possibly be one of the best decisions you take. We say so because we take immense pride in offering you unmatched services – right from detailed consultation to accurate execution. With our impeccable services, your home renovation project will become as easy as a cakewalk.


When it comes to constructions, renovations, and redecorations, one aspect that is paramount is timeliness. Every effort and every penny that goes into these projects yields their worth only if the milestones are achieved in a time-efficient manner. At CJ Ambience, we ensure that punctuality is the censure of all our projects!


Your home is your most prized possession, and no one understands it better than we do. When we take up a project we consider it our onus to give it our best, in terms of energy, enthusiasm, efforts, and efficiency. Our commitment to these 4Es that helps us proliferate the splendor of your home!


Whether it is something unappealing but is essential from a technical point of view or something that simply adds to the magnificence of the house but is heavy on the pockets, our integrity towards our work dictates us to be completely upfront about every detail of all aspects of your home!


A good home warrants good quality. From the concept to the execution, from the design elements to the utility items, from the first look to the day-to-day feel, every aspect of the home should reflect your eminence, which is what our team helps you accomplish in a seamless manner!


Creativity is the core of all things designer. And when it is about a place you live, eat and sleep in, inventiveness is design and functionality can truly augment the quality of your life, and that of your loved ones. For all you know, our creative team at CJ Ambience stands unmatched in their vigor for ingenuity!