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Hacking involves the removal of the outer layer or the surface of the wall of the property whether paint, tile, cement or any other. It is a process of roughening a wall for the cohesive potential for the tiles or plaster to stick to. However, it is a costly process and requires HDB’s written approval too. Thus, CJ Ambience assures you cost-effective hacking services while meeting all the legal formalities.

Why should you consider hacking during the renovation?

Hacking is done to roughen the surface of a finished wall so that the plaster of paris or the tiles can easily stick on it and do not come off. It makes your old walls look better, beautiful, and designer too.

Why should you choose CJ Ambience for professional hacking?

First of all, hacking in Singapore requires prior written approval from the Housing and Development Board and should be done by the experienced contractor to protect the structural integrity of the building. At CJ Ambience, we comply with all legal formalities and assure you the safe and secure hacking solutions to make your wall ready for tiling, new plaster or paint. Also, the hacking process requires a lot of hard work and raw material making it a costly affair. But we provide our clients with affordable hacking service as compared to the competitors in the market. To learn more or to get a quote for your project, call us now.